Once I was a guest of a friend in city of Qorveh, Kurdistan. My friend named A.S is one of the great and experienced painters who is not very active and only might draw a painting in 5 years.

I told him you are a master of painting, so why don’t you paint more often? He replied that he did not have a good model or fascinating idea to create art. In the backyard, there was a one-room house with a tandoor oven used for baking that had remained unused for years. I took a look and told him you can’t find a better model. I drew a basic design of that room on a paper since I did not have an access to camera. In finished the work after a month and showed it to him. “Bravo! Well done!” he said.

In this painting, green flowers dried in a pot are properly illustrated. It indicates that the tools and equipment do not matter unless you know how to use them in a creative manner.

ArtistAziz Golkar
MaterialOil Color

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