Nowruz is the Iranian New Year that begins on Farvardin 1 in the early spring up to 13 days. People celebrate these days as the spring trees are blooming. In Iranian literature, as well as in some other countries, the first days of spring are celebrated. Spring is the season for love, affection, and kindness. This work depicts a little girl by the window looking up at birds on the trees while anticipating something unknown. The symbolic items of Nowruz are on the table, but the little girl is still waiting for someone or something. I remember the days I was in the United States and how much I missed my beloved 1-year old granddaughter. Through this painting, I revealed my true feelings. I have to point out that Javanan Magazine in California asked me to print one of my works for Nowruz. I showed them this painting, however, it was very sad for a special edition for holidays.

ArtistAziz Golkar
MaterialOil Color

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